Weather and British alfresco dining: 4 things to do

Danni talks all things Weather and British alfresco dining: 4 things to do Being outdoors and eating outside at events. We love it. Show me a scene of alfresco dining at an outdoor catering event and I challenge you to find someone not excited at the prospect. That is, until you propose that that the event

10 considerations when booking your caterer

Alice ponders things to consider when booking your caterer Spring is well and truly here, and Summer is just around the corner so here is a list of a few things to consider when catering for a party, your wedding, or a special event this summer: Once you are sure, book that date! Reserve that date

Caterer Tasting

Tasting Feasts: Showcasing our Event Catering

Danni talks through Showcasing our Event Catering at Tasting Feasts Though a lot of our clients book us after eating our food at a wedding or party that we’ve been spotted catering at, there are others that get in touch who may never have experienced our unique event catering. To show people what we do and how

Local Worcester Meat suppliers

Local Farmer’s Markets and Produce in Warwickshire

Alice talks local farmer’s markets and produce in Warwickshire Local farmer’s markets are a fantastic resource to discover locally produced ingredients.  No matter which county you are in, you will be close to a farmer’s market.  So tap that fountain of knowledge! We make our own pizza bases, here at The Wild Oven.  I am not

British Event Food

British Party Food and Fractals

Alice Dellow talks British Party Food As we edge into 2017 we cannot ignore what is happening as we bear witness to a new world emerging around us.   And what do these changes mean for Britain and, above all, British Party Foods?  With the possibility of imported foods becoming more expensive, this will affect the food

Beating the January Blues

By Rupi Johal We made it! After a month of self indulgence of all things filled with cheese, chocolate and alcohol we have now entered the month of guilt that comes with those extra pounds we have gained also known as the January Blues (dun dun daaahhhh). We are told to detox, go vegan or

Food Trends for 2017

 Rupi Johal talks Food Trends for 2017 As we say farewell to a very surprising 2016; I mean wow what a year with legends like David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman and the lovely Terry Wogan passing away. The land of politics smacked us in the face with the UK leaving the EU and Donald Trump

New Year Inspirations

Alice Dellow talks New Year Inspirations Christmas is nearly upon us! And maybe we all feel a little harried, (and hungover) in this last week before Santa squeezes his rotundness down our chimneys.  But ideas for the New Year celebrations are tip-toeing in, and I am sure there are still some undecideds.  How to celebrate

Lighting Wood Fired Ovens

Danni Kerby talks Lighting Wood Fired Ovens. Over our years of catering we’ve lit 1000’s of fires in wood fired ovens at events. Time we shared the knowledge. The wood. With the exception of the oven itself, this is the most important thing to get right. Ash? Oak? It doesn’t really matter. What matters is the

Local producers supply local event caterers

Alice talks local producers for local event caterers – keeping it local! Authentic cold meats, naturally produced oils, fresh fruit and vegetables.  All these yummies brought to us from local producers in Worcestershire, the Cotswolds and Oxfordshire. The Wild Oven menu is renowned for its fresh and exciting flavours, but we couldn’t do it without